Thank you for visiting my recipe blog! I hope you find THE one recipe you have been looking for, you know the on your Mom or Grandma made for you when you were a child and haven't been able to find? It just might be here, as well as new recipes that are so popular. We all have our very favorite recipes. I have compiled some of the most loved and hard to find recipes, as well as some that I created. Yes, I am giving away my secrets. Every good cook improvises and has their own methods that make them unique so I thought I'd share some recipes that are well loved in my kitchen. I raised a large family and we did a lot of cooking and experimenting. It took about four years to put this together, searching for the most loved recipes. They are tried and true, improvised, reworked and up to date by modern standards. Ever wonder how to make decorator icing like the bakery? Well it's here. I am also a professional cake decorator and will share many tips and tricks as this blog goes on. Enjoy! Lydia